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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. a dangerous game of cops and cobbers in the east bay. burglars find themselves face- to-face with a homeowner who wears a badge. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm allen martin. new at 11, an antioch police officer arrives home to find he's become the victim of a crime. three burglars caught in the act of stealing his guns. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers on what happened next. >> reporter: antioch police say burglaries in this area have become so widespread and so brazen that even cops have become targets. >> folks are the victims of burglars. >> reporter: most recently last
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night. three burglars were ransacking a police officer's home, when the officer came home. >> interrupted the burglary and three subjects fled out the back of the home. >> reporter: making off with two of the officer's guns. the offer chased them but was forced to stop when one of the suspects pulled aut the officer's stolen gun and fired a warning shot. this is not the first time this has happened. police say it does not appear that the officer in yesterday's burglary was targeted. >> at this point, it appears to be completely random. like many cities in the bay area, residential burglaries are on the rise and have been for quite a while. >> reporter: a helicopter and search dog were unable to locate the suspects. and officers have only a vague description of the three men. however, they were able to recover some of the personal effects that were stolen. they were dropped during the chase. live in antioch, christin ayers, cbs 5, we are following
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a developing story in the east bay. police are investigating a shooting at the pittsburg-bay point bart station. now, bart authorities say they got the first call just before 7:00 tonight. they found the victim in the parking lot. he was taken to john muir medical center in walnut creek with life-threatening injuries. bart police have not released any information on the victim or possible suspects. the shooting investigation caused major delays for bart riders. crime in oakland is out of control. but tonight, health is on the way. a former big city police chief has been hired to offer the city some solutions. cbs 5 reporter linda yee on the man who brings coast-to-coast credibility. >> reporter: 127 homicides in oakland so far this year. the highest in five years. some people are afraid to just go out. >> i work in east oakland. and it's really scary going to work and coming out every day. >> reporter: the mayor and the police chief agree. crime is out of control.
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>> we have to try something different. >> reporter: that something new comes in form of a $250,000 consultant to the police department, legendary lawman bill bratton. he's the former new york police commissioner and los angeles police chief who drastically reduced violent crime during his tenure in both cities. >> if anyone can straighten out the terrible problems that oakland has with the police, he can. >> reporter: former san jose police chief and now hoover institution fellow joe mcnamara says bratton is known for being tough on crime and gangs and is a genius in getting the community to work with police. >> i left and said he didn't get the kind of support he needed to do the job. and i think this is a sign that their willing to give someone, who is competent, that kind of support. >> reporter: chief jordan will take a page out of bratton's
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strategy and reimplement neighborhood policing. but instead of citywide, he'll start with dividing east oakland into two districts. >> we build trust. and we hold the captains and his command officers responsible for knowing about crime, addressing crime. >> reporter: some residents say bringing in a new consultant isn't the only solution. >> it might tamp some of it down, just like putting armed guards on every street corner might tamp some down. i live in a rough neighborhood. there are a lot of miserable there. they're not miserable because they're unhappy. they're miserable because they have no hope and no money. >> reporter: well, some say oakland has to look at social issues too. more jobs, better wages can go a long way in helping to reduce crime. bratton is also known for improving police morale. >> hopefully he can help. thank you. some hope tonight for talks at least on the fiscal cliff. we're just five days until the
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country tumbles into automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. the president has scheduled a meeting tomorrow with congressional leaders. cbs 5 reporter danielle nottingham on efforts to break the jam in washington. >> reporter: top congressional leaders are expected to meet with president obama at the white house friday. this would be the group's first face-to-face meeting since november 16, and a last-minute chance to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. if no deal is reached, taxes will go up for nearly every american. senators reconvened thursday with tensions spilling over onto the floor. each side accused the other of stalling. >> speaker boehner is unwilling to negotiate. we've not heard a word from mcconnell. nothing is happening. >> the phone never rang. and so now here we are, five days from the new year. and we might finally start talking. >> reporter: senate majority
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leader harry reid skewered house speaker john boehner, charging he's more interested in his leadership position than in bipartisan legislation. >> the speaker's no. 1 goal is to get elected speaker on january 3. >> reporter: the two sides are at odds over tax cuts and spending. republicans say it's up to the democratically controlled senate and white house to reach an agreement. >> republicans aren't about to write a blank check for anything senate democrats put forward just because we find ourselves at the edge of the cliff. >> reporter: members of the house were told to come back to washington sunday evening. they would have a little more than 24 hours to vote on a measure to avoid the fiscal cliff. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. teetering on the fiscal cliff is given wall street a case of vertigo. the markets plummeted early, but the dow regained most of its 150-point lost.
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a former bay area city councilman is about to learn first hand how washington works or doesn't. he's a newly elected congressman and heading into the capitol hill quagmire. juliette goodrich talked to stallwell about his plan to fix our fiscal ills. >> let's face it. you're the freshman walking in. >> reporter: 31-year-old newly elected eric swalwell says if the 112th congress can't figure out the fiscal cliff, he's ready to bring some small town solutions to capitol hill. >> so you really think you can take the city of dublin politics to washington and it's gonna work? >> at the end of the day, it's about personal relationships, trust, working together for the people who elected you. >> reporter: swalwell was a dublin city councilman and said he had to work with republicans in other words to pass the city budget. he says it's the same kind of
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compromise strategy in washington. >> i'm confident there can still be a budget beater here where we can beat the clock and deliver on middle class tax cuts. >> reporter: i asked him to give me one word to describe his feelings enter this fiscal cliff shark tank. >> exciting. >> you're excited? >> i'm confident that congress will see the will of the people. >> reporter: he says he's excited about making sure his supporters know he is ready to hit the pavement running. one supporter in particular. >> my own mom at christmas dinner told me, do not raise my taxes. she is following, just like other americans, what's going to happen with the fiscal cliff. >> reporter: representative elect swalwell hez his new office in d.c. won't be much bigger, but the responsibilities, monumental. his message... >> mom, i'm working for you. i'm receiving your text messages. i'm gonna make sure i stand up for you and the people who i grew up with. >> reporter: swalwell will be
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the second youngest member of congress when he's sworn in on january 3. he leaves this sunday for washington, d.c. to pick up his new keys to his office. in dublin, juliette goodrich, cbs 5. checking bay area headlines, walnut creek police investigating a deadly officer- involved shooting. police got a 911 call from a screaming woman at the diablo pointe apartments. it was about 3 a.m. now, when officers arrived, they say they were confronted by an armed man. they wouldn't say what kind of weapon he had. officers fired, killed 22-year- old anthony banta jr. it was walnut creek's first shooting death of the year and the first officer-involved shooting since 2001. the armed robbery of a 7- eleven is caught on camera in fairfield. police say one of two men pulled out a handgun when the store clerk opened the cash register. no word on how much money they got. this is one of two armed robberies to happen within minutes of each other, and police do believe they are connected. a portion of a cliff
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collapsed at baker beach in san francisco this morning. one of the trails had to be closed now. the collapse likely the result of all that rain we've had in the past couple of weeks. the country says farewell to a legendary military leader. driven to distraction, the danger pedestrians and drivers face navigating one of the bay area's busiest cities. and possibly the most magnificent bay area home no one has ever lived in. what $25 million buys you these days. hi-def doppler showing not a drop out there, but let's verify that. looking toward the bay area, that is just gorgeous. so was the day. tomorrow? tomorrow? we'll ,,,,,,
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schwarzkopf died t his temper earned him the nickname stormin' norman. general norman schwarzkopf died today in tampa, florida. he was raised in the army and spent his entire life in the military. in vietnam, he famously rescued a wounded soldier by marking land mines with shaving cream. but he's best known for commanding the american-led coalition in the first iraq war. schwarzkopf was 78 years old. a daly city boy was one of two victims during a violent collision during a police chase in pasadena. 11-year-old kenric ng was with
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his family when a suspect being chased by police officers ran a red light and slammed into the family's minivan. kenric ng and his 25-year-old aunt died. neighbors in daly city are heartbroken. >> he was always the one taking us to school. i would see them back and forth, coming from sports. >> kenric ng's parents and 16- year-old sister were hurt in that crash. the four people in the suv that hit the van are going to be charged with murder. well, the holidays put all of us in more of a hurry, right? so some advice to everyone tonight. slow down! dr. kim on why one bay area city actually launched a campaign today to keep pedestrians safe. >> reporter: step off the curb and you take your life in your hands. the cars and trucks, the motorcycles, the bikes. the latest threat?
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all those little gadgets. >> it's definitely a danger. >> reporter: almost one in three pedestrians is distracted by mobile devices. and texting is particularly risky. texters took 18% longer to cross the intersection and were four times more likely to ignore the lights. >> i saw one actually almost get run over. >> reporter: but it's no laughing matter, especially in san francisco, one of the worst cities for pedestrians in the country. >> we have more pedestrian crashes than cities like chicago, seattle and boston. >> reporter: as chief of surgery at san francisco general hospital, dr. peggy sees pedestrian injuries almost every day. >> hit by a vehicle, you're going to be hurt. if you're an adult, the way that you're struck by cars, you're likely to have lower extremity fractures, rib fractures. if you're a child, you're going to get tossed. you're most likely to have a severe head injury. >> reporter: and in san
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francisco, two pedestrians are hit on average every single day, with 17 deaths each year, costing the public more than $15 million. >> we pick this day, this time, this area here to make this announcement, that we have a pedestrian strategy that's going on, a serious one. >> reporter: a citywide effort targeting hot spots, urging drivers to slow down and pedestrians to pay attention. a challenge when some feel texting is just not that dangerous. >> not if you're with a group of people. don't text and no need to check the weather app. brian is here with that. >> absolutely. we'll have you all updated on what's going to happen tomorrow. just looks like we're going to have clouds and a chance of a few showers. first let's show you this. within three hours now, a full moon in north america. isn't that a beautiful sight?
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the moon out there. to the right of the moon -- you can't see it in this shot -- but there's the planet jupiter. looks like a bright yellow star. and near that is the eye of the bull, 65 light years away. let's see. concord, 39 degrees. oakland, 44. livermore, 39. sfo, 46. santa rosa, 39. surf's up. surf will be crashing to about 20 feet, building on a swell out of the northwest. that also means strong rift currents. that high surf advisory is posted through saturday night. a few showers late friday but not much. clearing by saturday afternoon. here's where it's all coming from, this low pressure, along the pacific northwest. it's going to stall as it gets close to the bay area. tomorrow we might squeeze out a few showers. wouldn't amount to much, one way or the other. look for a not terribly sunny
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day tomorrow but essentially dry. a model of what the atmosphere should do over the next 24 hours, watch. you can see the showers approach but they never quite make it here. that low is just hanging off shore too much. so if that verifies, we're not going to get anything. 34 in napa. a few high clouds in santa rosa. dew point in santa rosa is up to 96%. we'll probably get fog by tomorrow. pinpoint forecast, we're just not going to get out of the 50's. 53 at half moon bay. 52 over at brentwood. 51 in napa. sausalito, 52. extended forecast looks like this. we'll increase clouds tomorrow. saturday afternoon, all the way through next thursday, it looks high and dry. readings mostly in the 50's. tomorrow morning, all the
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latest on this on the morning news. in the meantime, finally, we'll be drying it out. >> dry spell is good. hey, we'll see the hey, we'll see the pomeranian
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torturin a pair of uc berkeley law students facing charges in las vegas. they're accused of killing and torturing an exotic bird at the
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flamingo resort. justin and eric kuar, both 24, face felony and misdemeanor charges after they allegedly decapitated the bird in october. an l.a. area pet is reunited with its owner after being dog napped. they got out of their owner's home through an open gate. a neighbor was able to grab the shepherd, but the pomeranian was too quick. >> before we could get to him, the guy grabbed him and put him in his car and took off. >> stacy says ten minutes later, she got a call from a blocked number. it was a man demanding money for the pooch. but he didn't specify an amount. the next day, the pomeranian was turned up at a nearby petco. employees say the man who left him wrote down a phone number which turned out to be her
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number. police are trying to track down the dognapper. in the market for a new home? you might be in luck. a multimillion dollar mansion is up for auction. it does include this little deck. it's more than 5,000 square feet. priceless views. there's a home theater, wine cellar, a half dozen wall mounted ipads that control the light, temperature. but bidding starts at $25 million. to register, bidders only, to be registered to be a bidder, you need a $3,000 cashier's check as deposit. >> pocket change. >> chunk change? >> i don't have anything. >> there you go. oh, boy. coming up in sports, key football injuries. and an eye-popping top five. and san jose state football, ,,,
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welcome se my lcret d you are? your worst nightmare mr. box. since you foolishly brought back your bonus jack! i have copied your two pure beef patties, lettuce, melting cheese, pickles, and middle bun, plus fries and a drink for $4.49. and now you will tell me what is in your secret sauce!!
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uh, i think i know. "we all know," "pretty obvious." you couldn't tell me when i handed out the wiener-dog lasers!?!
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...they needed a military bowl game win to match it. not since 1940 have the san jose state football program cranked out 11 wins. they needed a military bowl game win to match it. the spartans head coach in washington, d.c. against bowling green in red. up top, to kyle nunn. oh, the scouts are gonna love that. 7-0, spartans. third quarter, san jose state
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down 13-10. it's a punt. goes to the end zone. it's a 1-point bowling green lead. later, in the 3rd, it's fales going to work. a simple pass. oh, that is chandler jones. touchdown spartans. 4th quarter, a score from john pettigrew. so the falcons went back up by one point. but too much time left. spartans rally. they get a field goal to retake the lead. then they put it away with de'leon eskridge. that is it. san jose state, they get to 11- and-2. they win 29-20. hey, the 49ers announced today that defensive tackle justin smith has a torn left tricep and a bone spur in his elbow. they hope there is a chance that he could join them in the
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play-offs. the raiders placed tackle seymour on injured reserve with knee and hamstring problems. he had missed the last seven games. he may have played his last game with the radars, because the 33-year-old is set to be a free agent after this year. and now, time for the thursday night top five. no. 5, 49er linebacker larry treated 30 lucky kids to a behind-the-scenes tour of how to train your dragon. no. 4, st. mary's james, in rhode island, 82-59. no. 3, holiday bowl, baylor clobbers ucla. no. 2, belk bowl. 83 yards. 48-32, the final. and no. 1, dallas, just wishing he goes! just tosses it up.
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and beats the buzzer by a tenth of a second to force overtime. dallas did lose the game to ,,,,
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the transit celebrating 10 tomorrow, san francisco muni is throwing a birthday party. and you are invited! the transit agency is celebrating 100 years by offering free rides all day on all vehicles. the free ride lasts till 5 a.m.
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on saturday. be aware, they are running on a holiday schedule all this week. >> speaking of parties, it's beginning to look a lot like new year's. preparations underway for the new year's eve ball drop at times square in new york city. today workers installed waterford crystal triangles on the ball. more than a bill people across the world expected to watch the television broadcast of the ball drop. >> it will be spectacular! >> hopefully the weather will be good. >> should be fun. david letterman is next. >> i don't know about new york. >> stay here. >> ,,,,,,,,,,
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